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Eataly is the world’s largest artisanal Italian food and beverage marketplace. Founded in 2007 in Turin, Eataly shares “made in Italy” on a global scale through high-quality, authentic products and the stories of their local producers. Eataly’s goal is to make our guests incisive and informed about how to select high-quality and healthy foods. Our marketplace, interspersed with restaurants and counters, is a learning center. At Eataly, you can enjoy a meal in a restaurant, purchase the ingredients, and learn more through classes, tastings and encounters with producers. We believe that quality can be accessible to everyone, and we are dedicated to offering high-quality products at sustainable prices for both consumers and producers. The values and philosophy of Eataly are focused on sustainability, sharing and responsiblity. Over the years, we have expanded across the globe. Today, you can find us in 16 Italian cities and in countries including: Japan, the United States, Brazil, Germany, Turkey and many others. Eat Better, Live Better!


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4 ottobre 2023
Via Festa del Perdono, 7 – dalle 10:00 alle 17:00

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